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Easton's operations are spread across accounting, wealth and distribution services.

Background & Strategy


In May 2013, Kevin White was appointed Managing Director of Easton with the Company embarking on a focused strategy to build a significant distribution capability in the Australian accounting and financial services sector. This will be achieved by selectively acquiring minority equity interests in quality accounting and financial planning businesses.


Easton believes that the development of firms to create scale distribution in the financial services sector will create strategic value and enhance the value of the Company over time.


As the Company builds and strengthens its distribution capability, it will seek to capture the strategic value of scaled distribution by operating a vertically integrated business across the value chain, encompassing:



Distribution > Platform > Product


Business Simplification and Restructuring


During 2013/14, the Company simplified and restructured its businesses in order to streamline operations and release capital for investment in core businesses and acquisition opportunities that are consistent with the Company’s strategic direction.

Easton Investments Limited ("Easton", "EAS" or "the Company") is a financial services company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Hayes Knight NSW Transaction


A significant transaction was completed in February 2014, involving the purchase by Easton of the Hayes Knight NSW businesses, being:




















This transaction is considered to be significant and highly attractive as it:


  1. Represents an excellent strategic fit with Easton’s intention to build scale distribution

  2. Offers strong potential for organic growth

  3. Opens opportunities for prospective acquisitions in the accounting and financial services sector

  4. Repositions Easton with an expanded capital base and with enhanced earnings and prospects


At the completion of this transaction, Greg Hayes joined the Board of Easton and assumed the role of joint Managing Director alongside Kevin White.


More recently, Greg Hayes took on the sole Managing Director position, with Kevin White moving to Executive Chairman.


The complimentary skills and experience of Kevin White and Greg Hayes places Easton in a unique position to expand in the accounting and broader financial services market.

  • 33% of Hayes Knight (NSW) Pty Limited

  • 100% of Knowledge Shop Professional Consulting Pty Limited

  • 100% of Merit Wealth Pty Limited and its related entity, Hayes Knight Referral Services Pty Limited

Plans and Future Direction


Easton plans to seek acquisition opportunities that are aligned with the Company’s strategic intent of building a significant distribution capability in the Australian financial services sector.


The Company intends to apply a differentiated business model of partial ownership where it will acquire meaningful equity interests in quality accounting and financial planning businesses.


This important point of difference will allow Easton to build a substantial distribution capability, but with relatively lower inherent risk by aligning the Company interest with the interests of the continuing principals of those firms.


In addition, this business model ensures that key people are properly challenged and incentivised to grow and develop those businesses with the full support, backing and resources of a listed company and as part of a broader national network of member firms.

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