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Knowledge Shop


Knowledge Shop was established in 2000 to provide professional support services to small to medium accounting firms.  


The Company is owned 100% by Easton.


It operates a subscription based service, allowing “member” firms to access a range of support services and material, including:


  • An on-line knowledge bank of electronic precedents, workpapers and checklists

  • A technical support help desk

  • Professional development training

  • Quarterly technical and client newsletters


The Knowledge Shop subscriber base has grown consistently since its inception, currently servicing more than 700 member firms across Australia.


In addition, Knowledge Shop deals with another 800 to 900 accounting practices annually on an ad hoc or transactional basis, mainly through training programs delivered across the country. These training programs are tailored to cover technical and business issues facing accountants in practice with a focus on practical solutions.


With approximately 9,000 accounting firms operating in Australia, the growth potential of Knowledge Shop over coming years is significant. 


This position is underpinned by Knowledge Shop’s competitive advantage in terms of its:


  • Existing operations, including a large customer base and on-line help desk

  • Existing infrastructure, including precedent files and an on-line knowledge bank

  • Current information distribution platforms

  • Understanding of the market

  • Ability to design practice-based content, rather than theory-based content

  • Ability to anticipate market trends and innovate ahead of the curve


Visit the Knowledge Shop website for further information.

Tax Bytes Pty Ltd


TaxBytes is a leading in-house training company for

accounting, legal and advisory firms.

Face to face, effective training targeted to the needs of their client's teams and practices. Tax Bytes keep accounting and legal firms at the forefront of tax and superannuation changes in a way that is meaningful and engaging.

Their services include:

  • In-house training

  • Remote Mentoring

  • Special Events


Visit the Tax Bytes website for further information

Tax Banter Pty Ltd

TaxBanter provides Australian accounting practices with access to effective tax learning through the delivery of quality in-house, online and public tax courses.


Their tax seminars and training sessions are:

  • Focused on the tax needs of SME clients

  • Developed and delivered by highly experienced Tax Professionals who are professional trainers

  • Intended to ensure staff learning outcomes and enjoyment are maximised

  • Supported by practical yet comprehensive tax training materials

Tax Banter is 60% owned by Knowledge Shop Pty Ltd, which is 100% owned by Easton Investments.


Visit the Tax Banter website for further information.

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Hayes Knight (NSW) Pty Ltd


HKNSW is an established, full service, Sydney based accounting firm, formed in the early 1980s by Greg Hayes, its current CEO.


The Company is owned 30% by Easton and the balance by Directors working in the business.


It is a traditional accounting practice with a primary focus on the following client channels, where the firm has developed significant specialisation over many years:


  • Mid-size, privately owned businesses and corporates

  • Fast growth entrepreneurs

  • Australian subsidiaries of multi-nationals

  • SMSFs

  • Membership based organisations

  • Accountants (for the provision of specialist services)


These client segments provide HKNSW with a mix of defensive and aggressive marketing strategies and are supported by a full range of professional accounting services, encompassing:


  • Business Services – Compliance and Advisory

  • Specialist Tax

  • Superannuation

  • Financial Planning

  • Corporate Finance


Hayes Knight NSW also provides an audit service through a separate corporate structure.


Visit the Hayes Knight website for further information

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PantherCorp Pty Ltd

PantherCorp CST is a Perth based company specialising in;

  • the formation of new Companies (new Company Registration, new Business Name & Change of Company Name)

  • Trusts (Family/Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, Variations and Updates)

  • SMSF - New Funds and Updates


They also provide Corporate Registry Services maintaining Company records together with Company, Business Name and Title Searches.


Visit the PantherCorp website for further information.

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Law Central Pty Ltd


Law Central is an automated legal document provider that enables accounting firms, legal firms and other businesses and individuals to build their own Australian legal documents online.

Using interview technology that asks questions and provides helpful legal hints, client's answers are then used to customise and produce a document to suit their individual needs.

Every Law Central legal document is written and maintained by a lawyer and signed-off by the authoring law practice.

Law Central also provides up to date Legal Tools to help their clients to learn about the law including:

  • Fortnightly Bulletin

  • Bulletin Bookshelf

  • Legal Tutor


Law Central is now one of the largest suppliers of Australian legal documents online with over 30,000 registered users.


Visit the Law Central website for further information

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